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This is the 4th edition of the online, freely available textbook, providing a complete, self-contained introduction to the field of Computational Cognitive Neuroscience, where computer models of the brain are used to understand a wide range of cognitive functions, including perception, attention, motor control, learning, memory, language, and executive function.

The first part of this textbook develops a coherent set of computational and neural principles that capture the behavior of networks of interconnected neurons, and the second part applies these principles to understand the above-listed cognitive functions.


Please use the following links to download the formatted version of the book:

Simulation Exercises

The simulation exercises that go with the book are available under this same organization in github, in the sims repository:

If you want more background information and to see the underlying code, the simulations are implemented with the Go / Python version of the emergent framework / toolkit:

Lecture Videos

Thanks to Covid-19, video lectures by O’Reilly @ UC Davis have been recorded: YouTube Playlist


Please use this citation for the text:

O’Reilly, R. C., Munakata, Y., Frank, M. J., Hazy, T. E., and Contributors (2012). Computational Cognitive Neuroscience. Wiki Book, 4th Edition (2020). URL:

(you could update year to 2020 but maybe better to just keep using the 2012 citation — either way is fine)


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GitHub Source

The source for this book is at:

It was originally written in MediaWiki and hosted on

This version is written in markdown format, and converted into various other end-user formats using pandoc with the assistance of the python script.